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Our Vision

To be the favoured partner in infrastructure planning, development and delivery. More so, we intend to transform communities and create a sustainable future for our society.

Our Mission

  • Maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our clients, strategic partners and suppliers.

  • Establishing long lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations and adding value through innovation, foresight, quality service, cost-effectiveness and short response times.

  • Employing passionate professional individuals who are experts in their fields and fostering a work environment that inspires excellence.

  • Focusing on ROMH’s sustainable profitability and applying financial prudence in our business management approach.

Our Clients

Our Clients are at the core of our business. Therefore, providing our undivided attention to all our clients is of utmost importance

High levels of service with short turn-around times are guaranteed

around times are guaranteed

Understanding our client’s fundamental needs and challenges is vital for our winning strategy

Our People

We understand that our brand equity is only as good as the talent we employ

We endeavour to recruit, invest and retain passionate, driven and skilled expert leaders

Our approach seeks to develop, motivate and inspire high performance from individuals

Business Integrity

We pledge to instil and entrench honesty and integrity in our business conduct

We adopt high moral values and ethics in our organisational culture

Quality Service

Internal and external quality service is vital for our business success

Quality is expressed by how, when and what we do in our business

Quality is embedded and internalised in our Quality Management System

Our Growth

Our organisational growth is pursued by optimising revenue and cost efficiency

Growth is pursued holistically with a sustainable balance between resources and new projects

Strong management and exemplary leadership, entrepreneurship and performance from the core of our growth strategy

what we offer

Urban Engineering

Our Urban Engineering Team’s experience and expertise extends over all aspects of infrastructure planning, design, implementation, construction management and contract administration.Services offered to both the public and the private sector typically include the following

Project Manangement

Project management is the inter-connecting thread between all our services that creates synergies in what we do. It allows us to break discipline silos and work with other professionals. Whether in the public or private sector, our project management team offer the following:

Highway Engineering

Our Highway Engineering team offers expertise in the design, maintenance and rehabilitation of these high capital facilities. In collaboration with other disciplines, we offer a complete "Life Cycle" of Highway and High capital road projects in the following scope of services

Transportation & Traffic Engineering

Our team of Transportation and Traffic Engineers offer expertise in road or rail-based planning to the public and the private sector. In collaboration with other disciplines, we offer integrated solutions to multifaceted client challenges in the following scope of services

Buildings and Structural Engineering

ROMH’s Building and Structure team provides specialized services to clients in the Public and Private sector. This covers building and structural services in industrial, commercial and residential developments, high capital transportation and water infrastructure provision.


We offer a rich work environment that will accelerate your development, hone your skills and boost your ability to succeed.

Our ambition is simply driven by inspirational relationships and personal connections infused with “ubuntu”. We strongly believe in a healthy balance between the needs and aspirations of our people and our quest for profit earnings.

What to expect from ROMH

  • A high-pace challenging environment
  • A vibrant team and collective effort environment
  • Working with young professional people with passion and energy
  • Well disseminated responsibility and accountability
  • Working closely with communities and clients
  • Ongoing professional development, mentoring and personal growth
  • A well balanced social life

If you are Interested in opportunities at ROMH, please email us at info@romh.co.za




Sibusiso is a co-founder of Royal Mndawe Holdings (“ROMH Consulting”). He is currently serving as a Managing Director for ROMH heading the company towards its strategic vision.



Tumelo is also a co-founder of Royal Mndawe Holdings (“ROMH Consulting”). He is currently serving as a Director and is responsible for the company's strategy formulation and implementation.